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ZuZu Kim, the New York-based ready-to-wear brand, is founded by Christina Kim, who studied fashion design at the world-renowned The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and studies classical piano weekly at The Juilliard School. ZuZu Kim embraces the creative forces of fashion and music. Christina was inspired by her need for performance attire that was romantic, chic, and yet comfortable, which she was unable to find anywhere. This inspired and evolved her to create the ZuZu Kim brand, and the result of years of observation and research.

The daughter of a former South Korean Ambassador and diplomat, Christina has lived around the world. She started her own atelier during school and thereafter. She worked with private clientele, local boutiques, and dressed musicians. Soon after, she was recruited by Phoebe Couture and Mary McFadden in New York City. She was appointed head designer within one year.

The ZuZu Kim collections in womenswear and bow ties represent luxury, a modern timelessness, and chicness. Christina is passionate about breaking the mold in her approach to design, with an element of unexpectedness. Being a perfectionist, she revels in experimenting to great lengths to achieve impeccable fit, precision in proportion, and is highly discerning in her choice of materials, which are predominantly of European origin. Christina is passionate about creating lines of the garment that tastefully and creatively accentuates the female form, and regards draping as an art form as a painter would a canvas; she drapes each garment she designs personally. The collections are produced in New York City.

ZuZu Kim is dedicated to creating the most beautiful and powerful statements through design, and achieving equal impact through philanthropy. Christina’s unique background, sensibility to different cultures, and passion for music bring a unique perspective to her designs.