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For ZuZu Kim, the bow tie is a universal symbol of classic elegance, music, with a rich history. As menswear trends continue to influence womenswear, bow ties are now highly in demand by women, and ZuZu Kim’s handmade luxury bow ties are designed for men, women, and unisex. The mood of these bow ties is “exciting, luxurious, unexpected, and chic… with an element of rock n’ roll edge to black tie glamour, appealing to consumers of all ages from uptown to downtown.” The designer, Christina Kim, is passionate about breaking the traditional mold in her approach to design, creating these bow ties in a fresh and unconventional way: this reinterpretation differentiates ZuZu Kim’s bow ties from the existing market, taking them to a new level.

These bow ties are complex in both inner and outer structures. Some designs take up to 2 hours to create, and are extremely difficult for others to duplicate. The couture techniques are self-innovated and experimented to great lengths to achieve perfection for each design. The materials are discerningly selected, mostly of European origin and are of the highest quality.

As stunning, bejeweled, and classic statement pieces that go from day to evening, women’s bow ties use combination of exquisite fabrics mixed with special adornments. They have unique ways of versatility and adjustability in wear. The customized necklaces are adjustable in length and detachable; without the necklace, they can be clipped on anything, a shirt, jacket, or a hat. Men’s bow ties have both self-tied and pre-tied designs. The bow tie clips are optional and all come with adjustable straps. Despite the bow tie aficionado’s desire to tie their own, ZuZu Kim’s emphasis on clean lines, sculptural form, and symmetry of textile motifs make self-tying impossible, so that one looks perfectly refined every time.

Gold Mesh BowWhite with black lace bowIvory scallop
F Red w white dots bow tie4x4   Silver tongue ring bow   Black white dots bow  Gold brocade bow
Royal Purple bow     Sequin bow     Leaopard bow    Black gold bow
         Bordeaux Brocade Black Polka Dot    FINAL F Ivory rhinestone bow tie4x4  Silver brocade bowLeather with chain bow
Black Pleated    Black Pleated   Black Leather Tongue Ring     Lime Green Silk Bow Tie